What Is The Market Trend Of Singapore Real Estate

Is Singapore Real Estate Market Heading North Or South

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piermont grand sales

Upcoming Punggol planning around Piermont Grand

One surveyor highlighted that, moving forward for long term, residents of HDB flats having in the Bidadari area are also looking into upgrading in the vicinity or somewhere nearby. It is a move that will be further enhanced by the support Potong Pasir’s private property residential resale demand in the future. Investors may also be seeing that the rent ability within the next few level of these new homes will increase than what you could find in areas in the north-east.

It was highlighted by another analyst that the government estimated during the launch of the new land parcel in the 1st half of 2014, of 785 residential units will be built on the site. This would mean that each unit would have an mediang gross floor area about 809.6 square feet. However, Tampines Junior College 931 units is developed by the developer from the gross floor area allowable, increasing it to an average square foot Gross Floor Area of 858.7 square feet for any individual unit.

It was accounted for by the consultant that the condo prospects for renting out a positive one based on to the retail amenities near Edgefield Secondary School. The new housing estate in Punggol and around Piermont Grand with the close distance to the Punggol MRT station. It was also highlighted that the competition could be seen in the vicinity with 49% of the units being further enhanced being under 80 square metres of area and failing within 300 meters of Punggol’s MRT station at Singapore Expo. The development is called Piermont Grand Condo located at Punggol.

The orchard road malls used to have specialist luxury stores and more high class retailers coming into the suburban malls . There are more stores that sell every day staples food and needs instead of the more expensive items. Many of the customers for the suburban malls are those that stayed within a two or three kilometer distance radius to any of the shopping centres and will hop on to the bus to and from the mall to make shopping experience easy to carry out.

These are the factors in mind then it is not surprising with the rental difference between the suburban malls and the orchard road malls has reduced drastically over the past few years in comparing with the Changi Jewel. The economic position in Singapore has derived that customers have a understanding to concentrate on purchasing the every day basic essentials and foods as opposed to going to an costly retailer to buy premium items at Changi Jewel.

This also mean that the suburban malls with their restrictive catchment areas and these are less likely to be as tough hit comparing to thedecrasing income and stores during the recessions as they are selling less expensive items. The residents will need to purchase whether there is a recession or rosy economy. People with tight budgets are typically going to hang on to buying items for daily existence as opposed to paying out their money on luxury items that are not essential.