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2007 RFID Forum
July 17 & 18, 2007
Metro Toronto Convention Centre - South Building
Toronto, Canada

The Annual Conference and Expo for RFID Solutions


Keynote Presentations by

Dave DobbinToronto Hydro TelecomPhilippe LozierRogers Wireless

Dave Dobbin
Toronto Hydro Telecom

Philippe Lozier
General Manager, Channel Development & Support
Rogers Wireless

Breakout Presentations by
 Dr. Ibrahim HaddadMotorolaAnthony D'Errico
Dr. Ibrahim Haddad
Director of Portfolio Management
Anthony D'Errico
Director of Information Technology
Allegro Mobile Solutions

MotorolaTheron Dodson - Ascendent SystemsTelus
Mike Bradley
Vice President, Products
Visa Canada Association
Luc Viandre
Senior Product Development

MotorolaTheron Dodson - Ascendent SystemsAscendent Systems
Mike Foley
Executive Director
Bluetooth SIG
Theron Dodson
RIM Director of Ascendent Systems
Ascendent Systems

 Bachir HalimiExcendiaRyan WoodingsMetaGeek
Bachir Halimi
President & CEO
Ryan Woodings
Chief Geek / CEO

Michael Flynn - FingertipWareFingertipWareAndrew Willet - NetMotion WirelessNetMotion Wireless

Robert Waaler
Director of Marketing

Edmund Rucels
VP, Sales

Michael Flynn - FingertipWareFingertipWareAndrew Willet - NetMotion WirelessNetMotion Wireless
Michael Flynn
Andrew Willet
Senior VP, Sales & Business Development
NetMotion Wireless

David Confalonieri - ExtricomExtricomDaniel Bauer - Insight Research CorporationInsight Research Corporation

David Confalonieri
Vice President of Marketing

Daniel Bauer
Program Project Leader
Insight Research Corporation

Shai Verma
Associate Partner
IBM Global Business Services

Victor Garcia
Chief Technology Officer - Managing Principal, Mobility Practice
HP Canada

Isabelle Guis
Manager - Mobility Solutions Marketing
Cisco Systems

Matthew Teskey
Senior Product Manager
Sybase iAnywhere

Sponsored by

Rogers Wireless SmartTrust

Featured Exhibiting & Presenting Companies include

Event Overview

The 2007 RFID Forum is dedicated to the red hot radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies and their wide-spread and fast growing applications.

RFID is a group of automatic identification technologies utilizing radio frequency. RFID’s tremendous potential to penetrate supply chain management, logistics, asset management, security, etc. has been recognized for some time. RFID is poised to increase its market size dramatically over the next few years. This RFID Forum is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of current RFID technology capabilities, applications requirements and implementation issues controlling RFID's adoption into a wide variety of applications. Leading technologists, experts and users will address the adoption of RFID technology developments and innovations that are shaping the future of the automatic identification industry.

Event Scope

The topics explored at this event include:


    • RFID: Technologies and Standards (conference, expo, forum, event)
    • RFID Systemserence, expo, exposition, forum, trade show, tradeshow, show, vent)
    • RFID Hardwarenference, expo, exposition, forum, trade show, tradeshow, show, nt)
    • RFID Software (ference, expo, exposition, forum, trade show, tradeshow, show, event)


    • Transforming Supply Chain to Value Chain using RFID (conference, expo, forum, t)
    • Enterprise RFID Deployment (conference, expo, exposition, forum, trade show, ow,
    • RFID and Sensor-based Computing: A Real-time Response (conference, expo, ent)
    • The Impact on Government: Improving Business Operations (conference, expo, ent)
    • RFID and Retail In-Store Management (conference, expo, forum, event)
    • Contactless Payment Solutions (conference, expo, forum, event)
    • Global Asset Trackinge, expo, exposition, forum, trade show, tradeshow, show, event)


    • Deploying RFID: Pros and Cons (conference, expo, forum, event)
    • RFID Limitations: Interrogation and Interference (conference, expo, forum, event)
    • Privacy and RFID: The case against Private Information Exchange (conference, ent)
    • Scalability and Complexity: The Challenges of RFID Integration


Who Attends?

IT Decision Makers: CTOs and CIOs, Chief Technologists, VPs of Technology, Wireless Solution Directors, Telecommunications Engineers, WLAN, IP & Mobility Solution Managers, Senior Programmers, Application Developers, Senior Software Architects, R&D Directors and Managers, Telephone Systems Officers, Technical Evangelists.

Business Decision Makers: CEOs, COOs, Presidents and Vice Presidents, Directors.

Sales / Marketing Professionals: VPs of Marketing and Sales, Marketing Directors and Managers, Customer Service Managers, Product Managers.

Other Industry Professionals: System Integrators, Analysts, IT Consultants, Editors, Reporters.

Delegates Reasons to Attend:

Delegates attending the event will achieve the following objectives:
  • Discover the benefits of advanced e-Health technology to streamline efficiencies and implement cost-effective strategies in the delivery of patient care.
  • Learn to develop People-Centric Solutions from industry leaders.
  • Learn about IT outsourcing strategies for the public sectors.
  • Facilitate better care for citizens with disabilities.
  • Discuss current trends and developments in interoperability between departments and ministries.
  • Build working contacts for future Research and Development.
  • Discuss community-based initiatives.
  • Learn new applications and strategies to improve public service.

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