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The 2006 e-Financial WorldExpo sucessfully completed!

The 2006 e-Financial WorldExpo, held at the Direct Energy Centre, was a great success. Many top IT professionals and decision-makers from the financial industry, including BMO, CIBC, ScotiaBank, IBM, RBC Royal Bank, Manulife Financial, gathered to discover new, innovative products and technologies on the expo floor.

Bearing Point and Teradata deliver Exceptional Keynotes

The conference program was highlighted by Keynotes delivered by Microsoft, BearingPoint and Teradata and featured many interactive expositions and product demos that showcased the power and usability of future financial applications. Headlined by Microsoft's exciting product demo on new RFID applications, BearingPoint? Managing Director, Chris Owen, provided key insight into how Canadian banks can leverage new financial technology for economic growth.. Meanwhile, Teradata offered delegates new strategies and tools for analytical data management.

Microsoft Delivers Product Demo on RFID

Axway showcases File Monitoring Solutions

BearingPoint discusses how to leveraging international Banking opportunities

RBC Royal Bank explains how IT can realize and grow Potential Value

Thank You

We would like to thank all our attendees, sponsors, speakers, partners and media representatives for their valued contributions in making this event a success. Preparations have already begun for the 2007 e-Financial WorldExpo. Please bookmark this page and check back often for future updates.

Partial List of 2006 Conference Presentations

The following conferences presentations are now available online. This is a partial list and new presentations will be added as they become available. Please bookmark this page and visit us often for future updates.

Key Trends in Financial Services Application Development and Delivery are Leading to a New Destination
Ross Pettit, Client Principal, ThoughtWorks

Protecting Your Company and Your Customers: Understanding Information Governance in the Financial Industry
Eric Offenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Princeton Softech

New Approaches to Enterprise Application Roll-Outs for Workforce Adoption and Compliance
Effraim Herskovic, Vice President - North America, Panviva

Data Masking: Ensuring Protection From Internal Data Theft
Paul Preston, Director, Business Development, Plato Group / Camouflage

Using Portfolio Management to Improve Corporate Performances
Steve McNear, Director of Alliances, ProSight

Sustainable Models for eFinancial Service Delivery: Looking under the Hood
Nahum Goldmann, President, ARRAY Development

Event Overview

The 2006 e-Financial WorldExpo is the leading international event focusing on enterprise applications and solutions developed for the financial industry including banking institutions, insurance providers, investment and brokerage houses, securities/mortgage providers and other financial institutions providing e-business and e-commerce services

Canada? banking industry totals almost $1.8 trillion in assets, and includes 19 domestic banks, 23 foreign bank subsidiaries and 21 foreign bank branches. Furthermore, according to Statistics Canada business-to-business sales by private firms represented 75% of total e-commerce in 2004, up from 68% in 2003. Thus, there is a strong need and potential for new technology and solutions that support the banking industry and address the needs and challenges of financial institutions, thereby increasing their growth and profitability.

This event focuses on new and in-demand applications and solutions that address these challenges, including Business Intelligence, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Outsourcing, Security, Systems Integration, CRM, Check 21 and EBPP. The 2006 e-Financial WorldExpo provides the best opportunity to learn, discuss and view how these new technologies are utilized to increase productivity and generate revenue in the financial industry.

Event Scope

As the most anticipated international exposition and conference that covers all aspects of information technologies and enterprise solutions employed by the world's financial service sectors, the 2006 e-Financial WorldExpo will focus on the following hot areas:

  • E-Banking / E-Business (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Business Intelligence (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Business Performance Management (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Disaster Recovery (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Electronic Bill Presentment / Payment (EBPP) (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Payment / Processing Solutions (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Risk Management & Analytics (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Wireless & Mobile Solutions (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Identity Management conference, expo, exposition, trade show, trade show, show, forum, event)
  • Document Management / Database Management (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • ATM Solutions (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Customer Relationship Management - CRM (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Contact Centre Solutions (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Security / Compliance / Fraud Detection (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Check 21 / Check Clearing & Settlement (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Electronic Signature Solutions (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • E-mail Archiving (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)
  • Financial Services Hardware (conference, expo, exposition, trade show, show, event)

    And more.

    Who Attend?

    As the leading global meeting place to learn about and discuss enterprise applications and solutions for the financial industry, the 2006 e-Financial WorldExpo attracts top IT and business decision makers as listed below:

    Corporate Executives: Chairmen, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents

    Technology Management Executives: Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Security Officers

    Mid-Level Management: R&D Directors and Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Business Development Managers

    Finance Professionals: Finance Managers/ Directors, Treasurers, Auditors, Chief Accountants, Controllers

    IT Professionals: IT Managers, System Analysts, Developers, System Architects and Integrators

  • Testimonials from Event Participants

    "e-Financial WorldExpo is what Toronto needs to show their strength in the financial sector leadership in the world. The organization of this conference was superbly handled and the quality of workshop sessions added enormous wealth of knowledge to the attendees. My congratulations to all those who made this possible, and I look forward to many more annual events of Financial WorldExpo in future." Vigi Gurushanta, FICB.,MIT Principal, IMERGE Consulting Inc

    "I found from start to finish the event and the management of the event was very professionally handled. Due to my heavy travel schedule the staff helped me manage the timeframes in preparing for the event. The event went very well with strong attendance and participation from the audience, thank you for your patience!!" Michael Coady, Vice President, NA Security HQ Delivery, Computer Associates

    "This was my first time attending the eFinancial show I was very impressed with the quality of the attendees and the presenters. True to its name, it is a very focused conference for professionals from the banking/ eFinancial industry. Certainly worthwhile if you are looking to acquaint yourself with the best practices in the industry and gain insight into the emerging technologies. " Deepak Kanwar, Business Development Director, Identity Management Services, BMC Software

    "I did find the show very exciting and I was glad I attended" Bob Harrington, General Manager, Pros Marketing

    "I'm looking forward to the event as it was one of the best conferences I attended last year. I especially enjoyed the break out sessions, and the wide variety of choices. Thanks again, and what a value!" Nathan Porter, VP, Financial Analysis & Technology, American Reporting Company

    "I had a great time at the conference, gained some valuable knowledge, and made some good contacts. I look forward to meeting you again at future events!" Baden R. de Bari, President, Nascor Technologies

    "The presenters and presentations was very informative. I would love to come again next year! Great Expo." Joe Capozzi, Purchasing OnLine Project Mgr, Global Procurement Process Solutions and Services

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