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2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo Declared a Resounding Success
The 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo was a groundbreaking success. Focusing on enterprise solutions for the wireless and mobile industry, the event attracted many high profile attendees including senior executives from Walmart, CIBC, Bombardier, Yak Communications, GM Canada, Ministry of Health, UPS, Magna, Canada Revenue Agency, Bell Canada, Canadian Tire, Lang Michener, RBC Royalbank, Canpar Courier, Dell Computer Corp, Pepsi Co., Honda, Loblaws, Remax, Hydro One etc. The exposition floor was full of exciting wireless and mobile products, applications and turn-key solutions. With world-class speakers, a packed expo floor, informative conference sessions and thrilling prize giveaways, the show clearly lived up to expectations, as the first large scale event in Canada, with a theme of wireless and mobile enterprise solutions.


Expo Floor Packed with Excitement!
Standing Room Only Conference Session!
Cisco Luncheon a Great Success!
Thanks to all our exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and attendees for your participation, in making the 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo a complete success! If for any reason you missed the show, you are welcome to download the show guide, which is now available online.


Testimonials from Event Participants

"Great conference for showcasing the latest wireless innovations, well attended by a people with diverse backgrounds. Perfect for networking, meeting potential partners and customers." Tanuj Raja, Vice President, Business Development, Sandbridge Technologies

"Our experience as an exhibitor at the 2005 Wireless & Mobile World Expo was truly one of the best. The WowGao team brought together a strong presence of exhibitors and attendees while delivering a very organized and accommodating show. We hope to see you all next year." Michelle Maynard, Actsoft

�Congratulations to you and the whole WowGao team for putting together a very valuable exposition. I could only attend one day but it was time well spent. The content, I found, was leading edge yet pragmatic. The caliber of the presenters, I met were top caliber. Perhaps more cases from early users of the technology may add more impact in the future. I found the presentations on Wireless Security and RFID very valuable. The premises selected were first class. The exhibitor show I found interesting, especially for networking. Overall, a well-planned event. Thank you for bringing it to Toronto.� Raphael Yanqui, Vice President, Hansontek Americas

�I had a great time at the conference, gained some valuable knowledge, and made some good contacts. I look forward to meeting you again at future events!� Baden R. de Bari, President, Nascor Technologies

�It was indeed a pleasure attending the 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo in Toronto last week. The exhibitors and attendees were of high quality and the networking was productive. We, at WiFi-PLUS, Inc. were pleased to see a growing number of resellers/system integrators of our revolutionary 'MP-Tech.' Wireless Science and Antenna Technology.� Dr. Jack Nilsson, CSO WiFi-PLUS, Inc.

�The presenters and presentations was very informative. I would love to come again next year! Great Expo.� Joe Capozzi, Purchasing OnLine Project Mgr, Global Procurement Process Solutions and Services

�Thanks for all your hard work on this. I find it a very useful conference.� Andrew Maxwell, Chief Innovation Officer, WorkOnce Wireless

�It was great to hear about Ultra Wideband right from the source, and about WiMAX from people implementing the technology now. It used to be that companies never brought their technical people to conferences, but this was completely worth my time.� Mitchell Shnier, P. Eng., Integrated Intelligence

"Wireless and Mobile WorldExpo 2005 brought together an excellent range of participants - including vendors, suppliers, IT managers, and compliance officials - resulting in great discussions in which all viewpoints were represented. Getting all these distinct perspectives in the same room at the same time is unusual and the insights that result can help everyone." Simon Blake-Wilson, Chief Security Advisor Route1 Inc.

�The event was indeed very well organized and executed. What interested me the most, however, was the diverse and qualified participation and a powerful networking platform that the event offered� Puneet Gupta, who spearheads mobility, wireless and RFID research at SETLabs, Infosys Technologies.

�The audience was extremely knowledgeable and demanding, so 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo turned out to be an excellent podium for discussing market and technological challenges for the new telco. Thanks for the excellent organization." Dr. Manfred Reitenspiess, Director Business Development RTP 4 Continuous Services, Fujitsu Siemens Computers

"WADE ANTENNA made several new contacts at the 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo. It was very beneficial and gave us exposure to help expand our opportunities!" Ryan Murphy, VP Marketing & Sales, WADE ANTENNA LTD.

Partial List of Conference Presentations

The following conference presentations are now available online. Please visit ITMob to access additional presentations from the 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo
Inventory & Asset Management � How Wireless Technology Can Add Value
Victor Chen, Enterprise Wireless Solutions
Bell Canada
Creating Trusted Guest Internet Identity Management for Mobile Business
Tom Hope, Founder & CEO
Sesame Networks
Smart WiMAX System and Intelligent Cell Design
Aleksander Freylekhman, Product Manager
Winncom Technologies
MVNO � One Name, Many Flavors
John Green, Wireless Industry Partner
BusinessEdge Solutions Inc.
An Overview of Zigbee
Chris Herzog, President & CEO
Software Technologies Group Inc.
Enhanced Security Situational Awareness for Enterprise Networks
Bertrand Marquet, Research & Innovation Security Group
Zigbee: Wireless Control Made Simple
Matt Maupin, Technical Marketer
Freescale Semiconductor
Today�s WLAN and the Future
Brent Nixon, Director of Product Management
Developing Mobile Applications
Milenko Petrovic, Co-Founder and CEO
Eximius Mobility
WiMAX � The Business Case for Investors
Glenn Poulos, President
mmWave Technologies Inc.
Convergent Devices require Reprogramable Processors
Tanuj Raja, Vice President of Business Development
Sandbridge Technologies
Availability and Open Standards: Business Drivers for the New Telco
Manfred Reitenspiess, Director of Business Development
Fujitsu Seimens Computers
Anytime, Anywhere � The Future of Mobile Development
Tony Rybczynski, Director, Strategic Enterprise Technologies
Nortel Networks
Escalating Cyber Security Threat
Jack Sebbag, Canadian VP and General Manager
McAfee Inc.
Network-Edge Technologies for Enabling Rapid Next-Generation Services
Jonjie Sena, Director, Product Management & Architecture
Mobile Enterprise Solutions
Brian Vink, Vice President, Marketing
IAnywhere Solutions Inc.
Equipping Your Mobile Workforce for a Seamless Customer Experience in an Unsecured Wireless World
Simon Blake-Wilson, Chief Security Advisor

Keynote & Plenary Speakers

Wednesday, May 18
10:30 a.m. � 11:30 a.m.
Sumit Deshpande
Vice President, Wireless Solutions, Office of the CTO, Computer Associates

In this keynote presentation, Sumit Deshpande, will present the current and emerging state of wireless, explores the challenges, and reveals the keys to the foundation of a successful enterprise � wired and wireless. More details�

Wednesday, May 18
2:30 p.m. � 3:30 p.m.
Vaho Rebassoo
Chief Technology Officer, Computing and Network Operations, Boeing

In this keynote presentation, Vaho Rebassoo will describe what The Boeing Company has done to implement 802.11 technologies in factory and campus areas, and the various applications that have driven the business cases. More details�

Wednesday, May 18
11:50 a.m. � 12:30 p.m.
Tony Rybczynski
Director, Strategic Enterprise Technologies, Nortel Networks

In this plenary presentation, Tony Rybczynski will expand on this vision, discuss enabling technologies such as the proliferation of mobile devices; wireless including WiFi and 2 and 3G public cellular; and SIP. More details�

Thursday, May 19
10:30 a.m. � 11:30 a.m.
Marc Giroux
Advanced Technology Specialist, Symbol Technologies

In this keynote presentation, Marc Giroux will look at how RFID relates to other critical technologies? What features, tools, and systems will be required to enable RFID deployments at the broadest scale? What problems must still be overcome? His presentation is based on the perspective of Symbol Technologies, a leading provider of RFID readers, tags, systems, and services. More details�


Event Overview

The 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo is the global meeting place for the wireless industry, attracting key decision-makers, to learn and purchase the latest products and solutions, offered by innovative technology vendors and service providers.

Together the exhibition and conference of this event facilitates networking for over 2,000 leading industry delegates, making it an unrivalled platform for generating new business and exchanging ideas.

To ensure the focus of the event, we invite only the most reputable and most relevant sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products and services.

To ascertain the quality of the conference held in conjunction, the selection of the speakers is highly rigorous and only 30 papers out of 200 requests to speak have been accepted. The speakers selected will present the latest advancements and issues relating to developing and implementing wireless and mobile technologies.

Furthermore, all attendees are pre-qualified. All of these efforts will ensure that we attract only highly targeted, highly influential decision-makers. This is the only wireless and mobile event in which you should participate.

Event Scope

As a leading global event to focus on the latest wireless and mobile technologies and their enterprise applications, the 2005 Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo will focus on the following hot areas:

  • Wi-Fi/802.11/802.16
  • PDA, Mobile Handsets, Smartphone, and other Handheld Technologies
  • Wireless Security
  • Bluetooth and Its Applications
  • Wireless Broadband � WiMax, Ultrawideband, Fixed Broadband Wireless Access, 3G
  • RFID
  • ZigBee and Its Applications
  • Voice over WLAN
  • VoIP and Collaboration

And more.


Who Attends?

The Wireless & Mobile WorldExpo is designed for the following IT professionals:

Business Decision Makers � CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs, VPs of Technology.

IT Decision Makers � Chief Technologists, Senior Programmers, IT Project Managers, Database and Web Administrators, Technical and Developer Evangelists, Senior Developers, Engineers, Senior Software Architects, Java Developers, Windows Developers, System Architects, Researchers, R&D; Directors and Managers.

Sales / Marketing Professionals �VPs of Marketing and Sales, Marketing Directors and Managers, Customer Service Managers, Product Managers, Sales Directors and Managers.

Other Industry Professionals � System Distributors, System Integrators, IT Consultants, Analysts, Editors and Reporters.


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